Ladies Paddle Symposium

Ladies specific coaching in the heart of North Wales.

Sea Kayak Courses

Sea Kayak Essentials
The Sea poses very different challenges to rivers or lakes. This course will look at core sea kayaking skills and equip you with the knowledge of how to manage the effects of wind, swell and tide on your kayak.
Pre-Requisites: BCU 2* Sea or equivalent would be beneficial but not necessary.
Getting to grips (‘How do I Turn This Bloody Thing?!’)
Using outside edges to maintain directional control, using vertical strokes to effortlessly glide through turns and lots more – learn just how easily you can actually manoeuvre your sea kayak.
Pre-Requisites: Open to beginners and novice sea kayakers and to those more experienced paddlers who journey lots but want to learn more paddling techniques.
Gentle Introduction to tide races.
Learn how to control your sea kayak in tidal flow: crossing currents, surfing the races and of course using eddies to get out of it!
Pre-Requisites: Need to be of 3* standard in either sea or white water.
Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning
For intermediate sea kayakers, this will be an introduction to coastal navigation and route planning, looking at the effects of tide, weather, coastal geography and group ability on your journeys. For more experienced sea kayakers, this course will be a practical refresher in route planning and deck-top navigation.
Pre-Requisites: Need to be of 3* standard or equivalent in Sea Kayaking.
Rock-hopping Adventure
Ever wondered what was at the back of that cave, or liked the idea of surfing through that rocky channel but not known where to start? This course will take you on an adventure along some of Anglesey’s most exciting coastline and give you the skills and confidence to become a rock-hopping demon!
Pre-Requisites: Paddlers need to be of 4* Sea Kayak Standard or equivalent.
‘Surfing the Races’
This course is for those sea paddlers with some experience of tide races who want to learn how to get the most from their days on the waves. Surf the best waves, ride the boils, catch the best eddies, push your limits, have fun!
Pre-Requisites: Paddlers need to be of 4* Sea Kayak Standard or equivalent, having a reliable roll will be beneficial but not essential.