Ladies Paddle Symposium

Ladies specific coaching in the heart of North Wales.

All the information is on its way…

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…but here at LPS HQ we are just waiting for a few more bits to come in before we email you all with the weekends itinerary.

In the meantime we are really excited to announce that after voting for the charity you most want to support, the one who is going to get the proceeds from boat hire at the event and any money raised during the raffle is……..

Mountain Rescue England and Wales! 

YIPPEE! What a good cause!

Also, we are looking forward to a talk and Video by Erin Bastian on the Saturday evening, followed by loads of time for you to chat and make new paddling friends!


Bring it on!

LPS DAY in T minus 1 Month!!

One thought on “All the information is on its way…

  1. I’m so excited to attend my first ever LPS. I’m looking forward to a weekend of all things new: new skills, new people, new FUN 🙂

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