Ladies Paddle Symposium

Ladies specific coaching in the heart of North Wales.

More Spaces Available!!

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Great News! We’ve managed to open up a few more spaces at this years Symposium!

Check out the lists below to see what is available.

To book one of these spaces, pick one session from the Saturday list and one from Sunday and then email us to request the link to the booking form.


Session SATURDAY (No. of Spaces) SUNDAY (No. of Spaces)
Freestyle – Superhero Training   1
Open Canoe – Straight and Smooth   1
Open Canoe – Pre planning you moves on WW Grade2 1  
Open Canoe – The Dark arts of River canoeing   1
Sea Kayak –  Sea Kayak Essentials   1
Sea Kayak – Getting to grips 1 2
Sea Kayak  – Gentle intro to Tide Races 1  
Sea Kayak  – Surfing the races 1  
SUP  What’SUP 1  
WW Kayak – Going with the Flow 3 2
WW Kayak – Smooth moves   3
WW Kayak  – Paddle like a jedi 1  
WW Kayak – Pre-planning your moves on WW Gd 2-3 1 2
WW Kayak  – De-mystifying the dark art of boofing 1 1
WWSR – Mythbusting; Safety and Rescue Skills For Everyone   2

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

The LPS team x

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