Ladies Paddle Symposium

Ladies specific coaching in the heart of North Wales.

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The Deadline is nearly here..

…for booking the RESIDENTIAL OPTION. Tomorrow (the 1st February) is your last chance so if you want to take advantage of the amazing deal for FULL BOARD accommodation, then send your booking form to ASAP!

Deadline for the non-residential option is the 8th March.

Its all getting very exciting.

Fran x


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The countdown begins!!…

Ok so just 5 more days to book the Residential Option for the Ladies Paddle Symposium 2013. For just £50 more you get FULL BOARD (and drying rooms)!! Places are filling up so don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. Book by the 1st February which is THIS FRIDAY to guarantee yourself a place.

Booking forms here  on the website.

Any queries email

Fran x

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Amazing stuff!!

We are so excited that this event is being support by so many amazing companies and shops and it is only our first year! Check out our new Supported By… page. There will be demo boats and paddles and even a few goodies and prizes.

Don’t forget that the closing date for booking the residential option is the 1st February and for the Non-residential option is the 8th March.

Have fun!

Fran xx

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Some more information for you to devour…

So, although this event will be tailored to your needs and requirements, there have been questions about what sort of courses will be run, so here are a few ideas.

This list is not exhaustive, so if there is something you would like to cover not on this list, go ahead and let us know.

But for those of you who like some direction…

Sea Kayaking:

Full Day Journey – 3* or 4* level possible

Close Quarter Manoeuvring


Rock Hopping


WW Kayak

Confidence booster

WW Skills grade 2/3

Advanced WW SKills / Boofing and Flairing


Rescue skills


Flat water skills

Rolling (in a lake)

Open Canoe

Flat Water Skills

Moving Water skills

Open Water skills

Raft Racing -That’s right ladies there is potential to run skills development for any teams of 4 or 6 who are hoping to take on the challenge! This would primarily be workshops on technique and we would hope to throw in a race if there were enough teams interested!

So there you have it. A bit more of an idea for you about what to expect.

Hope to see you all soon!

Have fun on the water!

Fran x